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Costa Patatas is a local ethnic restaurant off the Hotel Toulouse Waldorf in Dimton On Sea. It's considered the most ill-run, run-down disgusting place one has ever been to and run by inept, incompetant, cumbersome, boorish employees.
The eatery is visited by Henry McGee and Jenny Lee Wright. They are waited on by a Spanish waiter (Benny Hill) who explains in a Spanish accent the hotel gets its name from the fact it only has "two loos" and that they're both "walled off." He quickly tries to get them to accept the expensive 300 fajitas meal, but after several choices and discussion, McGee gets served mushroom soup which is cooked at the table. When it comes a boil, McGee struggles to get the bus boy (Roger Finch) to turn it down, but he misunderstands and pours it out on the table. The mess is made worse by the arrival of the supplier (Johnny Vyvyan) who brings in lobster and crab picked up off the highway. The scent drives McGee and Wright from the establishment, but he still stops to criticize the staff. Unfamiliar with the words McGee is using, the waiter refuses to accept his "apology."