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Costa Coco was a ballad performed by Benny Hill on May 27, 1985. Set in the fictional Central American island nation of Costa Coco, the ballad is performed in the town square of the village with the Hill's Angels doing vocals and a considerable crowd of extras. Because of the extensive cast to this performance, identification of the cast members is arduous at best. The Angels include Louise English (striped top), Sue Upton (orange floral dress), Lorraine Doyle (black hat), Alison Thomas (brunette officer), Emma Bryant (white hat), Laura Wynne (red top), Cheryl Mortimer (blue pastel top), Helen Tozer (red pastel top), Erica Lynley (blonde officer) and Nicola Bacon (shirt and shorts). The cast includes:

- Bob Todd - the generale with the tan
- Jon Jon Keefe - tourist in floral shirt
- Henry McGee - tourist in suit
- Jenny Lee Wright - woman in hat and striped wrap beyond Louise English
- Len Keyes - seen beyond Louise English
- Cyril Cross (?) - serape man beyond Louise English
- Derek Royle (?) - mustached man in straw hat beyond Cheryl Mortimer



Now the town of Costa Coco is not as prosperous as it might look.
Last week, they closed our library because somebody stole the book.
They say our socialist government is like a beacon, and it's shining bright.
I say it's more like a fiddle...
It's held by the left, but it's played by the right.

Now, our new president, he loves poor people...
That's why he has created so many.
You could spend all day in a bar with him,
You wouldn't know that he had a penny.
But he has married a beautiful wife with a figure too lovely to hide,
And now, he's put her on our postage stamp,
We all lick the wrong side.


Now, the leader of the opposition escaped from prison by digging a tunnel.
He tried to blow up the president's luxury liner, but he burnt his mouth on the funnel.
So to keep him quiet, the president gave him the best apartment in town.
It's above the bank...
And now his asset is over ten million pounds.

If mosquitoes bite you in the night,
Don't worry your pretty little head,
Just drink a bottle of tequila before you go to bed.
You'll be too drunk to notice them for the first half of the night,
And for the second half those mosquitos will be too drunk to bite.

So come to Costa Coco where girls buy Tupperware bras with their cash...
They say they don't elevate and they don't separate...
But they keep what you've got nice and fresh.
And for those who say that where there's a storm,
You will go to any old port.

Why don't you come to Costa Coco...
Because it's the last resort.....