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The Common Cold Recovery Choir is a musical group comprised of members and staff of the Common Cold Research Centre. Its location is unrevealed, but Henry McGee visits the place to interview the director, Andrew Lemon-Melon (Benny Hill), who reveals that he and the staff has willingly contracted the common cold, which affects their ability to talk and results in several distorted words and misunderstandings. ("Middle" sounding like "Piddle.")
Lemon-Melon introduces some of the members as Nicholas ("Dickerless"), "Dick Head," Colonel De Mille from the Village Tree, Maude and Mandy. Their performance consists of coughing in tune with Lemon-Melon sneezing on the beat. Other sounds consist of choking noises, gurgling and other throaty noises to a musical beat.


  • The members include Bob Todd, Jon Jon Keefe, Johnny Hutch, Mike Mulloy and an unknown Angel in a mustache on one side, and Anna Dawson, Sue Upton, Lorraine Doyle and two more unidentifed Angels on the other side.
  • Benny mentions that "they don't have Phil" seems to be alluding to losing Phillip Jones, the Head of Light Entertainment at Thames TV. Jones was Benny's biggest supporter at Thames and his replacement with John Howard Davies was the fault leading to "The Benny Hill Show" as well as Benny's health woes and subsequent death.
  • Benny also mentions not having Ted. Eerily predicting the death of his pianist, Ted Taylor, who passed a year after this special in 1992.