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Cole is a British television cowboy character whose unidentified series is well-known for recurring bloopers on set, particularly how the actor (Benny Hill) playing Cole can never catch the glasses of beer slid down the counter to him by the actor (Michael Sharvell Martin) playing the bartender. His rival is a gunslinger dressed in black named Kincaid (Bill Straiton (?), later Nicolas Parsons) played by an actor who mixes up the prop chairs that break apart with the real ones. Gun belts also get tangled in chairs, the actor fails to wrap a cigarette while flirting with a bar maid (Yvonne Paul) and the castanets of a Mexican senorita (Benny Hill) also come apart in her hands on set. In other bloopers, Cole tells a dancer (Sue Bond) he'll show off his .38s if she shows hers. She claims her father was a mayor; he asks if her mother was a jockey. Kincaid soon returns and Cole wants revenge for him killing his father, but he gets us hands caught in the barrels of his guns. Another dancer (Jenny Lee-Wright) tells Cole her grandfather was an old guerrilla fighter. He asks if her grandmother was an old gorilla. Laughing, she hits his knee, getting his leg stuck in a seat he has to drag on his foot through the scene. Cole also tells the story of his grandfather while facing Indians with a young leftenant, but the dancer slaps him on the back, ruining his illusion with a lasso. The actor also tears his pants off trying to face Kincaid, crosses on scene as an actress (Yvonne Paul) does a scene in front of a desert backdrop and accidentally wanders into a ladies restroom.


  • Cole (as well as The Deputy and Benny's later cowboy characters) seem to have been modeled after "The Milky Bar Kid," an advertisement mascot for Milky Bar since the 1960s. The candy bar sold in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, Ireland, Kuwait, South Africa and Spain among other countries.
  • Valerie Stanton plays the other barmaid in the scenes.
  • This character returns in a similar thread of quickies in Undercover Sanitary Inspector
  • The off-screen director is named Philip, a nod to Philip Jones, the Head of Lite Entertainment at Thames Television, who helped create "The Benny Hill Show."
  • Several of the gags in this sketch are recycled in later Western sketches such as The Deputy and the Halitosis Kid.