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Coalpits is a British television series about the multiple failed attempts of German prisoners trying to escape a British castle used as a prisoner of war camp. Located somewhere in England, the castle is run by a British colonel (Nicholas Parsons) who holds their Senior officer, Captain Stuck (Benny Hill) responsible for all attempted escapes.
While delivering more prisoners, Captain Stuck ilicits another oath from the prisoners that they will not escape; their nodding and shaking of their heads not matching their responses. Stuck has to reprimand one of his men (Bob Todd) from insulting the colonel.
After the British colonel departs, Stuck shows the men how he is having a hole dug through the wall to steal the key to the front gate, but one man (Jerold Wells) challenges him over his tole in leading the escape. Stuck tells a brief story on his he escaped from a Russian prison near the Kremlin. He adds by adding he was in a commando squad, but another prisoner (Jackie Wright) reveales he was actually a cook at Cologne. Teaching the men English, he uses pastries to map their escape, catching one of the prisoners (Jim Tyson) eating the cake representing the gate. Instructing them the way to catch the buss, he instructs then to act casually in the most uncasual way possible.
At that point, his man breaks through the wall and lets him know. The prisoners gather round excitedly as Captain Stuck reaches through the hole, finds the handle and turns it, only to hear the water closet flushing on an unseen toilet. He pulls his hand out holding a roll of toilet paper. The British colonel's arm then reaches from the other side angrily and grabs Stuck by the front of his shirt.


  • This sketch was a spoof of the British television series "Colditz" which aired between 1972 and 1974. Co-produced by the BBC and Universal Studios, it was possibly inspired by the success of the 1966-1972 American TV series "Hogan's Heroes." It starred later notable actors Robert Wagner, Michael Gough and David McCallum.
    • Colditz Castle was the most notorious of the German POW Camps; it was used to hold prisoners known for repeated escape attempts from the regular camps.
  • The prisoners are played by Benny, Bob Todd, Jerold Wells, Bella Emburg, Jim Tyson and Jackie Wight.
  • The photos on the walls of the cell are Winston Churchill and possibly Captain Eric Wheeler Bush, DSO, DSC of the Royal Navy.
  • Accidentally breaking into a bathroom is repeated in Nor Iron Bars A Cage in 1977.
  • On the A&E Benny Hill Complete Serires box set, this sketch ends with an interstitial glimpse of the musical segment with Diana Darvey later in the episode. Only seen by advancing the DVD frame by frame, it maybe what's left of an advanced viewing of the segment later in the show when it was originally broadcast on British TV.