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Club Bizarre is a German discotheque and night club with cabaret entertainers. Possibly located in Germany, a female doorman (Lisa Mulidore) stands guard out front, watching the acts inside through the doors with her uniform reversed so that she looks like a man from behind. Just inside, a hat girl (Debi Gaye) takes the hats from incoming patrons (Gary O'Bee? and Henry McGee) with them giving tips down the front of her outfit, but one patron (Len Keyes) sprinkles the top of her outfit with loose coins.
Inside the club, a male patron (Benny Hill) tries hitting on several ladies (Debi Gaye/Sue Upton/Jenny Lee Wright), but the last one tricks him with a fake set of legs. In the audience, a wife (Jenny Lee Wright) tries drugging her husband (Bob Todd), but he pours out his drink, and it explodes. Meanwhile, the German emcee (Benny Hill) comes out and announces the acts:


  • Jon Jon Keefe plays the dancer in the Gestapo uniform dancing with Sue Upton.
  • The old-timer with his beard used as a sling is possibly Debi Gaye.
  • Francesca Lacey and Lindsay Neil are (probably) the girls who find Benny after he strikes out with Jenny Lee Wright.
  • Tracy Smith, Benny Hill, Gary O'Bee (?) and Sue Upton play the tall to short back-up singers.
  • Erica is helped into the bath tub by Debi Gaye and Tracy Smith.
  • Erica also plays the dictator in drag. This bit might have been a nod to Charlie Chaplin's role as Adenoid Hinkel in "The Great Dictator" from 1940. In the film, the character does a performance with a large balloon that looks like the earth. Erika's performance is clearly an homage to that scene, and Benny was a huge admirer of Chaplin's films.
  • Len Keyes plays the guy holding up cards to introduce the acts.
  • The Angels are Lesley Woods (yellow), possibly Elfrida Ashworth (lavender), Lesley Woods (white with bowler hat), Tracy Smith (green), Lisa Mulidore (black with German helmet) and Noreen Bothan (blue).
  • Besides her performance in Hill's Angels: Cruise Ship on January 5, 1983, this sketch is possibly one of Louise English's most memorable performances in the series.