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Clovissa Newcombe is an English actress, known for the TV series, "It's Tommy Cooper." Not much is known about her career. Born on April 22, 1936 in Paddington, England, her acting debut was in the movie, "Buckler's Hard," in 1950, followed by the television shows, "For the Children," "Harpers West," "One More Faces of Jim," "Lance at Large," "For Amusement Only" and "It's Tommy Cooper" and the movies, "The Three Princes" and "Big Bad Mouse."
In 1971, she starred on the December 22, 1971 episode of "The Benny Hill Show," starring in the "Simplified English" section of the "News at Ten" parody and playing the blonde-haired Catherine trying to poison the King in "The Great Pretender" sketch and Miss Dimpton-on-Sea. Newcombe later went on to the TV shows, "The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine," "Tarbuck's Luck," "Bless This House," "Fresh Fields" and "Keeping Up Appearances." Her later movies include "Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World" with Henry McGee and "Come Spy with Me."