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Christina Danielle (possibly) and Amber Rodgers

Christina Danielle is an Australian actress and model probably best known for her role as Sally Fielding Finlayson the Australian TV series "Number 96" with Ron Shand. Not much is know about her career. Her first appearance was in 1972 on "The Tony Hancock Special," and while starring in "Number 96," she performed in Benny Hill: Down Under. Although she has yet to be identified in the episode, it is possible she was one of the dancers in the opening sequence and one of the ladies in "The Vagabond" sequence, but this is unconfirmed. She dropped out of acting afterward to get married and take care of her son, becoming a fully trained massage therapist and working at a beauty salon in Woollahra and at the Bowral Natural Healing Center before starting up her own business.
In the 1990s, she tried getting back into show business, working in theater and establishing the Southern Highlands Academy of Clown. She regularly entertains between Goulburn and Sydney as the clown Daff-O-Dilly, specializing in magic shows, face painting, juggling, birthday parties, school fetes, festivals, fairs, shopping centre appearances, parades and special events.