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Caroline Sargeant is an English actress and dancer who appeared on British television and film through the Seventies. She was born in London, England and attended the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, Drama, Dance and Musical Theatre between 1972 and 1980 with actress Lynn Morgan. She later became a member of the Sam's Set troop of dancers created by Samantha Stevens along with Sharon Fussey, Sandra Hamilton and Erica Lynley, the four of them making headlines in the British press when she and the other three members of "Sam's Set" refused to wear the skimpy bikini attire for the "Holiday Time" sketch, instead turning to fully clothed roles. She plays a blonde ingenue in a light blue blouse in the Grand Wheelchair Rally sketch with Faye Hillier, Eddie Connor and Benny Hill as a pick pocket as well as one of the people pushing their way past the police. She was however misidentified as the female hitch-hiker Benny discovers.
Of the members of Sam's Set, Erica Lynley later returned as a recurring cast member. Caroline has since starred in the 1981 short "Late Flowering Love" and the 1989 TV series, "The Bill." She is possibly the same Caroline Sargeant who starred in "Bonfire Night" and "Autopsy" in 2014. She now does mostly voice-over work and has her own website.