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Marilyn Natty and Carmel

Carmel Cullen is an Australian actress, possibly best known for the films, "Caddie" and "Promised Woman," and the TV-Mini-series, "The Harp in the South."

Not much is known about her life and her career. Her first big break was in the Australian TV-series "Wollongong the Brave," followed by roles in "Glenview High"and "Menotti." She also had small roles in the films "Promised Woman" and "Caddie" in the Seventies. She also had an uncredited role as the housekeeper in the Australian horror flick, "Inn of the Damned." She was also a cast member in Benny Hill's 1977 Special, Benny Hill: Down Under as the servant girl trying to talk Lady Godiva from making her ride.
In 1987, she appeared in the TV mini-series "The Harp in the South." She also had a recurring role in the TV series, "Country Practice." Her last known role was in the TV series, "E Street."
Carmel was married to Kevin Cullen and had one son, artist Adam Cullen,. She passed away in 2011.