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The Cannes TV & Film Festival is a recurring annual event in France that showcases the best in television and film entertainment. It is frequented by actors, producers and directors from all the countries in the word.
In 1986, a group of visiting American directors (Benny Hill, Henry McGee, Jon Jon Keefe and Bob Todd) sit around talking about American TV, mentioning that someone is making a movie with 800 extras about the historic Battle of Little Big Horn but with real bullets. Their discussion turns to how to beat successful American shows like "Dallas" and "Dynasty" in the rating. With their flighty secretary (Anna Dawson) taking notes, they realize American viewers prefer rich people while British viewer prefer poor people and start pitching the idea to create a series based on The Bible because "it's already been written." During casting, they discuss Moses, Noah and Salome and choose:

  • Little and Large as David and Goliath
  • Woody Allen as Adam
  • Farrah Fawcett (or Esther Rantzen or Janet Street Porter) as Eve
  • Cannon and Ball as Cain and Abel
  • Murray Grayson as Samson
  • Lionel Blaire as John The Baptist
  • Larry Hagman (or Bob Geldorf or Jimmy Saville or Eammon Andrews) as Jesus Christ
  • Joan Collins (or Joan Rivers) as Mary the Virgin

The idea sounds so fortuitous to them they start talking about investing in it. By that moment, the waitress (Alison Thomas) arrives for them to pay for their drinks, but none of them have any cash.


  • Faye Mertens and Katie Randall possibly play the young ladies that depart at the start of the sketch, but this is unconfirmed.
  • Fiona Baker, Claire Fairegood and Samantha Spencer-Lane possibly play the girls standing in the background. Alison Thomas is the waitress.
  • Benny briefly distrorts the names of three American shows from the 80s, calling them "Die-Nast," "Dullest" and "Fulcan Crest."
  • Benny mentions Quinn, Harton, Martin, Barton and Fargo Productions from Murder on the Orient Express and Don Taffer who converted his 45-minute shows to 22-minute episodes for syndication in the United States.
  • According to William Brown of "Benny's Place," the original aired version of this sketch includes a reference to casting Liberace in the epic which is not included in the DVD version. Comedy Central ran the sketch uncut in the 1990's. The flamboyant pianist and showman was impersonated by Benny in Jackie Wright: Holiday and died in 1987.