Episode: 54
Date: April 16, 1986
Time: 50:54
Musical Director: Ronnie Aldrich
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Choreography: Libby Roberts
Producer: Dennis Kirkland
Director: Dennis Kirkland
Writer: Benny Hill




  • Benny stars in an "Edited Sketch" as its being Edited by Henry McGee and Jon Jon Keefe.
  • Benny plays both characters in a spoof of the American crime drama TV-series "Cagney & Lacey."




  • Benny Hill - "So what does your boy friend call you, honey?"
    Sue Upton - "My boyfriend calls me Dimples."
    Benny Hill - "Dimples. Isn't that sweet? I don't see any dimples."
    Sue Upton - "Well, you're not my boyfriend!"

  • Benny Hill - "She's very high class. She doesn't say, "You too." She says, "You whom?""

  • Benny Hill - "She goes into a restaurant. She gets a bacon sandwich with a side salad."

  • Benny Hill - "She's so dumb she think's a trifle is a three-headed rifle."

  • Benny Hill - "If she does a crossword and it says "To egg on," she puts toast."

  • Benny Hill - "It was so good I had it once with chips and once with a side salad."

  • Wall Graffiti - "Why do elephants have four feet? 'Coz they'd look stupid with six inches."

  • Wall Graffiti - "Why does Siberia have long snow storms while England has Bernard Manning? Siberia had first choice."

  • Restaurant Signage - "If you think our waiters are rude, you should see the manager."

  • Restaurant Signage - "Our water is fine for drinking. It has been passed by the health inspector."

  • Wall Graffiti - "Tubby or not tubby - Fat is the question."

  • Wall Graffiti - "Don't complain about our tea. You'll be old and weak yourself one day."


  • In "Bijou Burlesque," Sue Upton plays the USA and Anna Dawson is France. Other countries/regions represented are England and Latin America.
  • Scenes from this episode appear in the "Benny Hill's Crazy World" VHS.
  • This was Samantha Spencer-Lane's last appearance in the series.


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