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The Cafe Le L'Opera is a French Bistro in Little Dimpton highlighted by caberet acts by the Hill's Angels. The staff Benny Hill, Henry McGee, Lorraine Doyle, Jon Jon Keefe, Jerrold Wells and Mike Mulloy is whipped into shape by a passing general (Bob Todd) whose voice also makes the plants jump into shape. R. Dibble is called in to fix a light, but he squeezes in a pear which surprises the hostess (Lorraine Doyle) when it works. The bistro is also near the Hotel Nantel.
At a street party in the courtyard, punch is served as guests (Benny Hill, Anna Dawson, Jon Jon Keefe, Sue Upton, Henry McGee and Allison Marsh) wait behind a man (Bob Todd) fishes around in the bowl, but their interest is soured after realizing he was trying to rescue his false teeth in the owl. A pianist (Benny Hill) appears to give a musical interlude, absentmindedly rolling his seat off his stool and getting stopped from sitting down without it by the audience. Several members of the accompanying band (Benny Hill, Len Keyes, Jerrold Wells, Henry McGee and Vanessa Biddulph) resort to using their instruments to steal food from the guests. In the courtyard, the Angels perform "Come to the Cabaret" followed by Alison and Rebecca Marsh singing "Money Makes The World Go Around." They're joined in by a three-handed pianist (Benny Hill) and a band member (Henry McGee) taking a flower from the table of an old biddy (Bob Todd) to give to a young beauty (Tracy Smith). In the side lines, the wily band members also steal cash from a couple (Mike Mulloy and Anna Dawson) trying to pay the hostess (Lorraine Doyle). At the end, a husband (Benny Hill) with his wife (Anna Dawson) loses his cigar to another guest (Bob Todd).