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As everyone should know, creating a site like this takes a lot of time and effort, and this is why I wanted reveal my process in building this site. In the beginning, I used to jump around just choosing random sketches to describe, but I've since developed my own process.


  • Please notice I'm describing the shorts in a "real world" point a view. This means all studio references (except identifying the characters) are relegated to the Trivia area, except in the opening lines where I describe the character.
  • Please notice I'm not using the names of the sketches, but rather the names of the characters, locations and spoofs. In several cases, I've actually referred to dialogue in the sketches for identification purposes, like Pierre de Terre, or sign postage, like Cafe Le L'Opera. In some instances, I've taken names from other material in the sketch, like Girls Girls Girls Nightclub, while in others I've merely named them by their role, like The Peeper.
  • In describing the sketches in routines, I watch the series and decide which sketches decide to get bios. I'm not covering the "quickies" because they're too short, but I will cover those on a repeating theme, like Cole and The Golden Shoot.
  • When I write the entries, I describe them directly from the episode. To cover all the chosen sketches from an episode or DVD, it can take 2-3 weeks because it takes a lot of work to identify the characters - plus I'm trying to identify exterior locations, spot recurring gags, list products, strange definitions, Benny's impressions among other things.
  • I'm covering all the Fred Scuttle and Chow Mein sketches under their pages. The exceptions are connected sketches like the Keep Fit Brigade and Beyond the Bamboo Curtain.
  • In some instances, I've split up characters from a sketch to better describe them in bios, like Saucy Boy and Mahala.
  • If you do add here, expect a huge rewrite to match the expectations of this site.
  • I don't mind requests, but it could take me a while to pull it together.


  • Every character is identified as "character," "actor" (ex: "Characters Played by Benny Hill") and by the year they appeared.
  • Routines are named as "Songs," "Ballads" or "Monologues."
  • Other tags for specific sketches are "Locations," "Groups," "Events," "Fictional Films‎" and "Fictional TV Shows‎."


  • Please notice I'm not posting any exploitative or offensive images on this site. I'm as big a fan of the Hill's Angels as the next red-blooded American male, but I will delete any image I believe to be in bad taste.