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The Bionic Boy is a fictional TV character and a spin-off character created off the American TV-shows, "The Six-Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman." According to the opening promo, the main characters, Steve Austin and Jaime Sommars, "come together for the very first time" and get married, eventually ending up with a son, who may or may not be the source of their marriage. His name isn't revealed, but it may be Steve Austin Jr.
When the baby is born, Steve (Benny Hill) starts getting ideas that Jaime (Jenny Lee-Wright) might have been cheating on him because the boy is born with curly bright red hair. Jaime thinks is might be rust on account of the metal parts in their bionic limbs. (It turns brown when he grows up.) The baby never speaks or makes a sound for the first year of his life, but once the quality of food gets worse, he starts complaining about it.
Steve and Jaime also learn the baby has superhuman strength and thinks on the level of a full adult. (How this is possible is never explained.) He can run and jump higher and faster than other kids, he can kick boulders into the atmosphere, he has x-ray vision and he can read at a college level. Steve and Jaime hire a nanny (Jenny Westbrook) to take care of him, but the boy uses his x-ray vision to look at her in her underwear.
Meanwhile, word of the boy's powers become known and foreign parties decide to try to turn him into a weapon. Idi Amin (Benny) and Fidel Castro (Jackie Wright) decide to try and kidnap him through the Mafia (Eddie Connor, Eddie Buchanan and Jackie Wright). When they show up to grab the boy with toys, his nanny runs off to get help, but the youth scans them with his "bionic eye" and sees their guns. He sprays them with his baby bottle squeezed to great pressure, and as they try to get away, he gets his carriage to catch up with them using a pinwheel toy for propulsion in order to run them off the road.
Ten years later, Steve and Jaime are still getting used to their son's powers. At his birthday part, his attempt to blow out his candles results in a hurricane. Castro and Amin still want the boy, and hire the Mafia (Benny in a third role) to attract him with sexy girls (unidentified). However, the boy is more distracted by the plight of a girl (Sue Upton) whose kite gets stuck in a tree. Smitten by her, he gets it down for her, but the Mafia tries to use her as a distraction. The Bionic Boy hurls his book back at the criminal to rescue her, sending the assailant sliding into a nearby ladies restroom. Despite being saved, the girl forgets about the Bionic Boy and returns to her boyfriend (Eddie Buchanan).
Heartbroken, the Bionic Boy completely disappears. Even Castro and Amin don't know where he is, but at the same time, they are being watched by the Bionic Boy on a space ship controlled by robots.


  • As Steve Austin, Benny adds a mustache.
  • Jackie and Benny's villain characters are topical for the 1970s; they're based on Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and Idi Amin, a President of Uganda.
  • The Bionic Boy's school uniform matches the school uniforms from the third fantasy in Girls Girls Girls Nightclub from 1977. This school is named St. Nana’s School in the Super-Teech sketch in 1983.
  • The women piling out of the ladies room might be Rita Webb, Jenny Lee-Wright, Jenny Westbrook and Suzy Manel with Eddie Buchanan and Eddie Connor in drag, but this can't be confirmed.