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William "Bill" Weston was a British stunt performer and actor with a 40-year career that includes stunt work for several top-grossing movies, such as "Saving Private Ryan," "Titanic," "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Batman Begins."
Born May 29, 1941, Weston's TV work includes appearances on "Doctor Who," "Z Cars," "Doomwatch," "The Goodies" and three episodes of "The Benny Hill Show." He played Chief Running Bare in the March 29, 1973 "The Deputy" sketch, a solder and a pedestrian among other roles in Gavin Blod and appeared in the tag running scene on January 8, 1975. He was possibly the man in the bear suit in the March 12, 1975 segment, "J. Arthur Mein Prevents His Behind the Bamboo Curtain" sketch. He is also one of several former "Benny Hill" co-stars to appear in the "Star Wars" franchise with David Prowse, Trisha Noble and Laurie Goode, having played a Storm-Trooper in "Star Wars: A New Hope."
Sadly, Weston passed away on March 25, 2012.