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Bijou Burlesque is the opening act from April 16, 1986. Done in the style of the old burlesque acts of the 20s, 30s and 40s. it features two routines (the song Adam and Eve and a comedy beauty contest) separate from each other, starting with a series of advertisements and going to six female singers (two blondes, two redheads and two brunettes) who introduce the comedian (Benny Hill), who comes out singing about women before going into a bawdy tune about wives and being married and a chorus about Adam and Eve. He goes on to introduce the Beauties of the World, whose singing is so bad he cringes even though he's wearing ear plugs.
Of the girls, he introduces Bubbles (Sue Upton), the American girl, known as "Dimples" to her boyfriend, the French Girl (Anna Dawson) with a strong New York Accent (with Benny badly translating her French), the English Girl (Lorraine Doyle), who he calls stupid, and the Latin American girl (Emma Bryant?), who only speaks Spanish. He then goes on to finish his song about women.


  • According to the IMDB, the Angels in this short are Samantha Spencer-Lane, Alison Thomas, Tracy Smith, Katie Randall, Vanessa Biddulph and Emma Bryant, but it is difficult to identify them in the wings without close-ups. The tall girl might be Faye Mertens from the previous episode, but it is hard to confirm it. (Better views of the six girls occur in the Funny Old World bit.) In the "Beauties of the World," they're joined by Sue Upton, Lorraine Doyle, Anna Dawson and (possibly} Emma Bryant as the Latin American Girl.
  • The countries/regions featured are Africa (?), Holland, Polynesia (?), Latin America, France, England, the United States, Australia (?), Middle East and China.
  • The host mentions the American Girl was also Miss Unwed Mothers, Miss Foam Rubber and Miss Ballcock.
  • Miss Latin America has a brother named Senor Willie.