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Big Eddie is a Sixties-era gangster movie starring Ivan Ego and billed as "film of the year." The plot seems to involve a hood named Eddie who gets set up to take a fall from the Mafia.
As the movie is being billed, a newspaper vendor (Bob Todd) recommends it to a pedestrian walking by his stand. Intrigued by the film, he goes to see it. Once inside the theater, he's taken by the shapely candy girl (Kay Frazer) in the on-screen ad, but the real candy girl (Bella Emberg) is anything but close to her.
As the movie starts, the young man settles down and starts settling into the movie, seeing himself as "Big Eddie" and posturing in the role with his drink. When a pretty brunette (Nicole Shelby) sits by him, he treats her like Eddie treats his girl in this film and offers her some candy. He continues miming along as another woman (Leslie Goldie)comes in with Lola on the screen, even trying to light her stick of bubblegum he thinks is a cigarette. The younger girl even acts jealous in her presence in sync with the characters on the screen.
In the film, Mr. Big enters with some hoods at the same time as an old man (Jackie Wright, a priest (Henry McGee) and a young lady (Barbara Wise). Although he can't see them, the young man similarly feels threatened and starts rising with his hands up, annoying the other theater patrons and causing a skirmish that gets him tossed out of the theater by the manager (Bob Todd).
Heading home, the embarrassed young man passes the vendor again, and kicks over his stand in retaliation.


  • This sketch is known as "Fun at the Flicks" in the DVD package.
  • The voices on screen sound like Bob Todd, Benny Hill, Jon Jon Keefe and Nicole Shelby.
  • This was the last sketch and appearance for Nicole Shelby on the show.