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No information can be found for Beverly Vickers. According to the Sunday Express (circa 1982-1983), she was identified as one of four new-comers to the 1983 January episode of "The Benny Hill Show." The other new-comers were Pamela Rhatigan (whose name was spelled "Rahatigan" and later identified as Jane Conway), Zoe Hendry (last seen in the March 13, 1974 episode), Corinne Russell (who became a fan favorite), Lindy Benson and Jacqueline Jolivet.
Vickers was possibly a dancer as were many of the Hill's Angels and likely played one of the female soldiers of Wanda the Whip Woman in the Super-Teech sketch; she is possibly the Angel sitting next to Sue Upton in the group "Super-Teech" photo. (However, this just might be Zoe.) She has no IMDB page and searches for her get confused with American actress Yvette Vickers, best known from "Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman" fame.
It is entirely possible she is better known under another name, like Rhatigan, but this is unconfirmed.