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The Berlin Youth Choir Recital is a German singing group consisting of Michael Moore (?), Dick O'Neil, Dickie Martin, Mike Sammes, Bettine LeBeau, Bob Todd and Jackie Wright. They are lead by their choir master (Benny Hill) in a routine of tapping, clapping and singing. Warping his English as he speaks, the German conductor recites "The Mouse Ran Up The Clock" as one choir member (Jackie) taps the beat on a metal dish, and he taps the beat on his head. The lone female member (Bettina) recites "Little Bo Peep," but one of the other choir members (Bob) adds his own ending. The conductor threatens to punch him, but the male choir member clearly isn't afraid of him.
Telling the female choir member to meet him in his dressing room, the conductor allows up the troublesome choir member and they share some German phrases back and forth while trying to recite "Little Jack Horner." Bouncing a tuning fork off the little guy's head, they try covering the music of Mozart. The conductor even plays the bald heads of some of their members (Moore?, Wright and Todd). The musical recital ends with the little guy (Wright} trying to hit the high note (requiring the help of the conductor), and they go out playing Yakety Sax on kazoos.


  • Benny and some of the cast members can be seen giggling at Bob Todd's antics.