The Benny Hill Show Wikia

A list of homages to "The Benny Hill Show" in American television.

Married with Children[]

  • In "The England Show," Bud (David Faustino) tries to explain England to Kelly (Christina Applegate) by mentioning Shakespeare and Churchill but she realizes where she is when he mentions Benny Hill.
  • In "It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This," Al Bundy (Ed O'Neil) goes on a vacation and Peggy (Katey Sagal) and Marcy (Amanda Bearse) travel along with him griping, complaining and arguing. The procession of their presence plays on Al to the tune of Yakety Sax.

Mystery Science Theater 3000[]

  • Through the "Hellcats," "Crash of Moons," "Gunslinger," "Alien from L.A." "The Atomic Brain," "Jack Frost," "The Projected Man" and "The Screaming Skull" episodes, Joel Robinson and later Michael J. Nelson make numerous references to Benny Hill, his series and Yakety Sax, which they often hum along to in scenes while riffing on movies.

Robot Chicken[]

  • In the "Vegetable Funfest" episode, a British newscaster named Sir Wimperton Cornswallow (Mark Hamill) reports on the tragic death of beloved British comedian Benny Hill. He is followed by footage of mourners chasing the pallbearers carrying off Benny's casket to the tune of trumpet music doing an off-version of Yakety Sax. A blonde girl loses her clothing in the fracas which ends with a fall down a cliff, followed by a brief glimpse of the dummies later switched with the real "actors."


  • In the "Polynesian Town" episode, Dave Thomas and Joe Flaherty team up with a cast of extras to do a dialogue-laden sketch called "Benny Hill Street Blues." Thomas is almost unrecognizable in the sketch which focuses on the activity in a police station. Dave does the "fake arm" gag to pinch an attractive blonde, Thomas plays multiple characters like Benny Hill, he mugs and leers and he blocks part of a word and accidentally insults himself. Intermittent chase scenes fill the time between scenes to the tune of Yakety Sax.


  • In the "Evil of Frankenstein" episode, Svengoolie plays Fred Scuttle as a police officer in search of Dr. Frankenstein (Peter Cushing). He traps him in Caron Gardner's room while making confused looks to the camera, but Frankenstein steals a sheet and escapes out the window.
  • In the "House on Haunted Hill" episode, Svengoolie plays Yakety Sax in the opening segment as cast and crew run around his casket.