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Episode: 32
Date: October 11, 1977 (Australia), April 12, 1978 (United Kingdom)
Time: 1:33:01
Musical Director: Jack Grimsley
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Choreography: Ross Hutchison
Producer: Dennis Spencer
Director: Rod Kinnear and Richard McCarty
Writer: Benny Hill

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  • Hold Back The Wind
  • The Legend of Benny Kelly
  • Lady Godiva
  • Love Will Find a Way
  • Archie's Angels - a spoof of the American TV-series "Charlie's Angels"



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  • Big Daddy - "You can't marry, Lucy Jardine, boy! She's sixteen years old!"
    Big Daddy's Son - "I know... but she looks twelve!"


  • Filmed in Australia with an Australian crew and actors, this episode aired on October 11, 1977 in Australia and on April 12, 1978 in Great Britain.
  • The episode starts with eight unidentified dancers performing to the themes of the American TV shows "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "M*A*S*H*" and "Hawaii 5-0" Collectively, they were known as the Ross Hutchinson Dancers, but they have yet to be indentified separately.
  • The Claude and Fifi sketch ("Love Will Find A Way") is repeated from Top of the Tops from January 27, 1971.
  • The party scenes for the Benny the Bum sketch were filmed at the Oatlands House near Sydney, Australia.
  • This episode is unavailable on DVD; however, select clips from this episode were chosen to appear in the HBO "Video Sideshow" VHS Collection.