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Mr. (Benny) Hall is a struggling British actor (possibly in London). Not much is known about his past or career, but he ends up in a closed audition for an unknown movie without being told much about the plot. After getting interviewed, he's told to wait in the outer office for approval, but while sitting there, he hears the casting director (Henry McGee) criticizing his appearance during a phone call. However, it's not until he hears the scenes he's doing will be done in the nude before he marches out... returning when he realizes the beautiful woman (Valerie St. John) in the waiting room will be his co-star, and she will also be nude in it. When he hears about nude photos of her, he starts ripping up the room looking for them.
Continuing to eavesdrop, Hall learns the young beauty will be playing a nymphomaniac who escapes from prison after five years and who accidentally ingesting a bottle full of aphrodisiacs. She then breaks into the bedroom in the home of the character for which Hall is auditioning which leads to a sex scene and himself getting excited. As the phone call turns to wages, Hall heads back in to negotiate for the role. In his absence, an older heavier woman (Rita Webb) enters the waiting room and checks with the young woman. Hall emerges to announce he got the role for ten British pounds a week which is what he'll being paying to make the movie. The casting director now emerges to see Mr. Hall approved by the actress's manager, which is the young beauty. The female role in the movie is the old woman.


  • Mr. Hall is played by Benny Hill.
  • The director's associate over the phone is named Harry.
  • The movie posters in the waiting room include the films:
    • "The Wonderful Miracle of Lust" starring Reenie Groomstein and Ben E. Trill
    • "The Thing Without A Thing" starring Joan Robin and Dennis Copland
    • "The Thing" starring Betsy Crowe and Harry Founder
  • Nicole Shelby plays the secretary.
  • The set for this sketch was re-used in Fred Scuttle Escort Service in 1975.