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Benny Hill and Paula Wilcox in "Lonely Boy"



Episode: 12
Date: February 23, 1972
Time: 50:31
Musical Director:
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Producer: John Robins
Director: John Robins
Writer: Benny Hill



  • Fred Scuttle's Fat Farm
  • Lonely Boy
  • Benny All-Star Finale filled with his takes on British singers
  • A visit to Hill Department Store



  • Fred Scuttle - "That's only the diet, sir.... The meal, sir... Suet and dumplings, Yorkshire and pudding, Treacle and custard..."
    Henry McGee - "Doesn't all that make you put on weight?"
    Fred Scuttle - "Only if you swallow it."

  • Fred Scuttle - "She needed a girdle just to fit into a phone box."

  • Henri de Gee - "You looked all over France for a girl with a lisp...."
    Pierre de Terre - "No, no... She was discovered by the producer.... who was living with her at the time."

  • Director - "Open the gates... Shell be up in a minute."

  • Mamood Ramsun - "I have never been so humiliated in all my life!"
    Chow Mein - "That's your problem... You don't get out enough!"

  • Chow Mein - "There are two things I can't stand, and you're both of them!"


  • The opening quickie is a commercial parody with Henry McGee and Benny Hill playing chess with peices of chocolate. This might be a spoof of an actual commerical that aired in England in the Late 60s to Early 70s.
  • Both Paula Wilcox and Paul Eddington wanted their episodes on "The Benny Hill Show" pulled from syndication because of what they perceived as the sexist nature of the series.
  • The mid-episode quickies feature:
  • A poster for the 1965 movie, "The Sound of Music," with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer appears on the wall behind Mia Martin in her commercial spoof.
  • This was Mia Martin's last appearance on the show.
  • In the Chow Mein sketch, Bettine Le Beau and Jenny Lee Wright play passengers entering before him. The immigration agent is Bob Todd. The disembarking Chinese tourists are unidentified.
  • Benny's All-Star Finale includes impressions of Shirley Bassey, Nana Mouskouri, Dorothy Squires, Roger Whittaker, The McGuire Sisters, Gilbert O'Sullivan and Dorothy Squires. According to an urban legend, O'Sullivan quickly changed his look and attire after seeing Benny's take him in this episode.
  • Selected clips from this episode appeared in The Best of Benny Hill.