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At The Crossroads is a British TV series focusing on the family of a wheelchair-bound man named Sandy. His wife's name isn't revealed, but he has a daughter named Jill.
In the episode, the couple are distressed on the whereabouts of their missing daughter when Benny (Benny Hill), a local simpleton, wanders in with a portait of a nude woman covering him so that it looks like it's his body. When they ask him about Jill, he replies he hasn't heard from her since she left to see Jack, a local who lives atop the nearby hill. He adds she went up to see him to get a pail of water, but Mom is worried that Jack only wants to molest her. Benny produces a note from her, but they quickly realize the nude portrait is of Jill. Upset that her daughter posed for it, Benny reveals Jack did it from memory.


  • Sandy was played by Jackie Wright. Benny also plays the wife.
  • This sketch was possibly based on "Crossroads," a long-running British TV soap opera that ran on ITV from 1964 to 1988.
  • The books the mother reads are "Hotel Management" by Paul Fartingale and "Teach Yourself Brain Surgery" by Emile and Gorgon Zola.
  • The Cannery/Canary pun returns in Big Poppa.
  • This sketch was one of three based on the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill" along with Kojak and That's Life, a TV panel show with Moira Anderson (Benny Hill), Eddie Buchanan and Henry McGee which includes poet Cyril Fletcher (Benny Hill), who reads a poem about Jack and Jill.
  • "Vinegar to make you smart" in "That's Life" recurs in The B-Team.