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Annie was a song Benny Hill performed as Roger Twitaker (a take on crooner Roger Whitaker) in an opening quickie on March 4, 1986. As he completes the song, studio lights start crashing down around him.


Annie from Brighton once ordered a steak weighing nine and a quarter pounds.
The butcher, he said, “Will you take it, ma’am, or shall I send it ‘round?”
She said, “No, I just want to look at it, ‘cause I’ve been dieting like a chump,
And that’s what I’ve lost, and I just want to see what it looks like in one lump.”


Agatha’s passion was baked beans. It’s a meal that she always enjoys.
But she’s heard if you eat too many, you might make an embarrassing noise.
Now she eats more than ever, enough to make all of you sick.
And she washes it down with pineapple juice, ‘cause she likes Hawaiian music.
But I sit here quietly singing, with my guitar on my knee.
For no matter who calls or whatever befalls, nothing worries me.