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Ann Afford is a British female newscaster from the News at Ten broadcast in London. At the start of the broadcast, her strapless dress pops off and after a break, she returns in a blouse to report the news:

  • The French can't find a general to present an award and kiss Michael Foot
  • Professor Marvo has gone off on his honeymoon
  • An agreement has been found in a strike
  • A woman was arraigned for sunbathing nude on the glass roof of the Air Ministry
  • Peter Pike, the Minister of Strikes, Deaths and Other Inconveniences makes an exception of the hostile {backward) kingdom of Amanda (Nathan Whitechurch supplies video commentary)
  • An Italian Chef has won the Doughberry Pizza Price
  • Cyril Smith gives his description of his ideal girl

After several other news stories, Afford is distracted by David Bellamy (Benny Hill) in a television next to her on a television in a store window trying to get the attention of Johnny Craddock (Bob Todd) on an episode of Fanny and Johnny Craddock on another TV set. With the traffic behind her on her set, she gets disgusted and departs, revealing the short pants she is wearing as she rides away on a bicycle.


  • Ann Afford was played by Benny Hill.
  • This character is a spoof of Ann Ford, a co-anchor on the "News at Ten" on ITV.
  • Roger Finch plays the customer flipping through the channels.