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Not much is known about Andrew Francis. He has had a long career as an actor on television, appearing in an uncredited role in the film, "Yesterday's Hero" and making appearances in the TV shows, "Smith & Jones" and The Benny Hill Show, where he played a native in "The Hot Shoe Show" routine and a street tough accosted by the Hill's Angels in the "Boys Are Back In Town" number and possibly as a cafe patron in Cafe Le L'Opera. He went on to have a starring role in the TV series "Gems," later appearing in smaller roles in "Blood Rights," "Grange Hill," "Chef!," "Heartburn Hotel" and the "Messiah" mini-series.
Francis eventually went on to star in the film, "Manor of Redemption" and the TV shows, "The Courtroom" and "Doctors." No much more is known about him.