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Alton Harvey is an Australian actor, best known for "The Story of Johnny O'Keefe," "The Everlasting Secret Family" and "Homicide."
Not much is known about his life or career. Born in Australia on December 3, 1925, his first known role was the TV series "Homicide" for Australian TV. This was followed by roles in the TV shows "Tandarra," "Skyways," "Home Special Squad" and various roles on "Prisoner: Cell Block H." In 1977, he played the pastor in Benny Kelly on Benny Hill: Down Under. He also had parts in the movies, "Every Move She Makes" and "The Everlasting Secret Family," followed by TV parts in "The Fast Lane," "The Story of Johnny O'Keefe," "Sons and Daughters," "The Girl from Tomorrow," "G.P." "Home and Away" and "Cybergirl." His last role was in the TV Mini-Series, "Through My Eyes" in 2014.
He passed away on March 28, 2017.