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Alison Thomas is an English actress known from "The Benny Hill Show." The sister of Jo Thomas, she starred on the show from 1985 to 1986, appearing as the nurse in Wondergran Meets Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyde sketch, the girl on stretcher in the Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Fire Brigade remake and and a uniformed police officer in the opening "Costa Coco" musical in Carmen. After leaving the series, she was in the dance troupe, "Zoo," in 1982 and a dancer in long-running BBC music program, "Top of the Pops." She also appeared in the movie "Mistress of Seduction" in 1998.
In 2006, Alison was reunited with Alison Bell, Carla De Wansey, Jo Thomas and Sue Upton for a "I Was a Hill's Angel" feature for the series's full release on DVD in its unedited form, serving as a loving tribute and retrospective on their time on "The Benny Hill Show."



  • Benny Hill and Alison Thomas
  • Alison in the "Mr. Hyde" sketchGo to Mr. Hyde

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