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A Streetcar Named Desirée is an English film set in New York City about the lives of Frank and Stella (Benny Hill and Anna Dawson) and the ordeal they have living with her baby sister, Desirée DuBois (also played by Benny).
One afternoon, Frank is playing cards with two of his friends, Sonny (Jon Jon Keefe) and two others Bob Todd and Derek Deadman) while Stella gets upset with him for throwing his clothes on the floor. Sonny is supposed to meet Desirée, but Stella keeps over-praising her looks to Frank's annoyed liners.
After Frank and the others depart, Desirée arrives overwought by the heat. Sitting in the rocking chair scares the cat which jumps across the room. By now, Frank returns and Stella asks him to go meet Desirée and talk to her on the porch. Unfortunately, this does not help his opinion of her, and he comes in realizing she is crazy based on several of the odd things she does and says. He ends up calling the mental hospital to come pick her up.
When the guys come back to continue playing cards with Frank, they meet Desirée coming out of the bathroom with her skirt stuck in the back of her underwear. Frank now heads to the bathroom himself, and Desirée ends up taking his place in the card game. She ends up winning several hands, taking all of the guys' money as they get more and more desperate. Ehen they ask her to cut the cards, she takes them literally, chopping the cards in half with a cleaver. The doctor from the mental hospital (Henry McGee) now arrives with two orderlys (actors unidentified), and seeing the guys acting crazy, takes them into custody. As Frank comes out of the bathroom and sees his poker buddies missing, Desirée explains what happened, and he huddles in great sadness with Stella knowing they're stuck with her.


  • This sketch is a loose parody of the 1951 film "A Streetcar Named Desire" which starred Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh.
  • "Grown out... up" is a recurring Benny gag.
  • Benny Hill crushing the tail of the cat under the rocking chair was a recurring "Three Stooges" gag, most notably by Curly Howard in "Dizzy Detectives" (1943).
  • Frank says his address is 36 Maple Drive.