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En Ist Eine Mann's Leif in der Deutch Armee (A Man's Life in the German Army) is an army recruiting film featuruing the daily duties and tribulations of the German Army. It features a ten member platoon of infantry soldiers; one of whom (Ronnie Brody) has a passing similarity with a former German chancellor. One member (Benny Hill) is persistently out of step and out of sync with the otherwise top precision with the others. The commander (Bob Todd) gets his foot stomped by him and even has his helmet shot off his head at one point.
It's "star member" also disables his tent trying to show it off and injures himself on the exercise field. While posing for the end of the film, the commander tries to ogle a young beauty (Carol Mills) slipping off to her dainties to do some sun bathing, but the soldier returns holding two ice cream cones which the commander grans and presses to his face thinking they're the binoculars.